Heat pump system

Our range of ceiling mounted units offer you the flexibility to keep your wall and floor space free without

compromising on comfort.

Classic Cassette Heat Pumps

Compact, ultra-quiet and packed with advanced features, our range of concealed ceiling cassettes offer the ultimate in comfort and control; equipped with i-See Sensor technology, four-way and horizontal airflow, and a sleek, award-winning design.

4 Way Large Cassette

These large capacity PLA 4-Way cassettes, with advanced airflow features and independent vane direction control, provide indoor comfort in a sleek unobtrusive design. Perfect for larger residential rooms or office spaces, the PLA Series provides consistent temperatures throughout the space you need to heat or cool.

One-Way Cassette

The MLZ Series, with its streamlined design, airflow control features, and quiet operation from just 26dBA, is ideal for small installation spaces where one-way air distribution is needed. Available for



Ceiling Suspended

PCA Series high performance units are designed for style and efficiency. A stylish indoor unit design and airflow settings for both high and low-ceiling interiors expand installation possibilities. With four speed settings and auto air-speed adjustment, PCA Series units provide energy efficient comfort no matter the season.

Kitchen Suspended

This stainless steel series is designed with professional kitchens in mind. Durable with high performance oil mist filters, it is low maintenance and easy to clean.

Concealed SEZ Series

These concealed units are compact, whisper quiet and highly efficient. Our concealed units fit easily and discreetly into rooms with lowered ceilings.

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