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Christchurch's heating, Ventilation & 
air conditioning experts

Commercial spaces rely on functioning HVAC systems not only to cool workers, but sometimes cooling units that are essential to product production. Ensure that every day remains cool and your assembly line never gets interrupted.​

At All About Heat, we have been providing Christchurch businesses and commercial spaces with fully customized, high efficiency heating systems since 2005. We are commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) specialists and take pride in delivering excellent customer service. We take the time to understand our client’s individual heating requirements to ensure we install the most suitable commercial heating system for their unique business environments. 

All About Heat has worked with most of the Canterbury's famous construction companies like City Care, Naylor Love, ABL,etc...and is currently working on important projects throughout Christchurch supplying heating, ventilation and air conditioning to offices, shops, city apartments, and public buildings.

We not only install new systems but we also offer scheduled maintenance checks, repairs of existing equipment, and we can even help you find ways to reduce your energy costs through a thorough cost-benefits analysis. Call us today to discuss your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs!

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our services

Heat Pump Service & Repairs
System Installation
Air Conditioning
Fan Motor
Heater Repairs
Duct Cleaning
& Repairs
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what we can do for you

  • Service & install complete heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems for your business.

  • Scheduled service checks.

  • Repair existing equipment.

  • Install new equipment.

  • Help you find ways to reduce your energy bills through a thorough cost-benefits analysis.

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